Our goal is to make it very simple for you to choose your rental.

Minimum of 2 hrs for $300. Any additional hour will be $100/hr

All of the rentals include:
  • 2×6 prints (for every guest in picture) AND 4×6 prints (one for 2 guest)
  • personalize your photo layouts with a message, name and/or specific theme of your event.
  • 2 Professional Personnel to assist with rental.
  • Your choice of any backdrop
  • 15 Second quality prints
  • Touch screen interactive photo booth
  • Open air photo booth
  • LED light
  • Instantly send your photos via Facebook, E-Mail, Text Message, Instagram and Twitter
  • Photo Filters
  • Animated GIFs
  • Boomerangs
  • Digital Props
  • Theme props AND a variety of assorted props
  • FREE Online Gallery so you and your guest can enjoy all of the photos taken at your event.

Add-on Features 

Allow your guest to choose from a variety of backgrounds that will directly blend in with the theme of your event. ($50)

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                     PHOTO ALBUM STATION

With this add on feature, we will take care of placing extra prints of ALL of the pictures taken in your personalized album and each guest will have the opportunity to leave a message next to their picture.  ($80)

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